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D-magazine, Italy, La Repubblica de la Donna, Text and photos by Christoph Otto
» Endless forests are passing. Deeper and deeper the bus forces its way into the Estonian inner life regions and just as much it is gaining distance from the Estonian capital, Tallinn, where half of the one-million-people is living. The country roads appear deserted. Dwelling houses are only occasionally arising between the trees. Unstoppably the bus is seeking its way – on and on – till the end of the globalized world ...«
LFI, German & English Edition, Photos by Christoph Otto, Text by Andreas Weber
»The observer will food for a long time on the time fragments shown by Christoph Otto´s works. The pictures themselves are living in the profundity of an inexhaustible dramatic. The cycle "The Estonians" presents life on a fragmentary zone of Europe viewed by the greedy eye of an artist. His lens doesn´t archive, but it gives birth. Each picture taken by him is a very shot, but one which doesn´t kill but renders life when it hits ...«
Geo-Magazine, Photos by Christoph Otto, Text by Andreas Weber
» The boys are waving plastic bottles filled with Bear beer, while the girls are clip-clopping behind them tightening their scrimpy dresses because of the cold white night air. The day before, they have decorated the meadow with coloured ribbons in the same way their mothers and grandmothers did. This night the Midsummer Bonfire is flaming high as a house. Rock music is rattling out of the Soviet loudspeakers...«
Christoph Otto
The Estonians

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