The idea  

In 1956 with the assistance of a Guggenheim stipend, the Swiss photographer Robert Frank travels through America taking pictures for his book project "The Americans". Although many Americans are annoyed about his work, his project causes a great international sensation and it is exhibited in leading museums all over the world. This work, a composition of differently emotionally charged photographs, produces an ornament of the time, a pointing-the-way push of sentiments, a pictorial document of the human beings. Nowadays Robert Frank's work is a real classic of modern photography. His pictures reflect the spirit of the times; regarding subject matter as well as with regard to content, the subjectively and emotionally dyed photos are a melancholic monument of a nation.

After a period of almost fifty years, the march of time went on, the world has changed and the cards are shuffled anew. While America is suffering from its own dreams and while Germany and France are administering their bureaucracy, one of the smallest countries of all managed "to sing themselves free" after fifty years of tyranny and seven hundred years of foreign rule. Doesn‘t such an outstanding country deserve at least an equally passionate work as "The Americans"?

For me it was the logical consequence. It was the spirit of times that made me create the work "The Estonians". History meets present day; David meets Goliath, 280 million Americans, one million Estonians!
Christoph Otto
The Estonians

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